Pioneer Wagon Treats {for kids}

Many years ago I came across the idea to make miniature pioneer wagons for a Pioneer Day treat.  {I think it was in The Friend magazine?} We've done them probably every year for the past 10 years.  We've even made them on vacation with the children's cousins.  It's a fun activity for a group of children. 
Pioneer Wagon Treats {some we've made in previous years}

Assemble your supplies to make Pioneer Wagon Treats:
something for the wagon box: granola bars, cut brownies, miniature candy bars
something for the wheels: mini Oreos, lifesavers, round gummy candies, round fruit snacks
large marshmallows for the wagon cover
something to stick it together: melted chocolate, frosting
optional: licorice for the pull bar, animal crackers for the oxen, additional treats to decorate a scene

Each child gets to make their own.  It ends up being sticky and messy, but that's part of the fun!  We take a photo and then they get to eat them.


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