Krispie Torch Treats

It's time for the Olympics to begin!  Yea for London 2012!  I have many happy memories watching the Olympics with my family growing up and with my family now.

I've made these Krispie Torch Treats for my kids to celebrate the beginning of the past several Olympics. 

Have on hand several ice cream cones--you can use sugar cones if you want a cone shaped torch holder or you can use cake cones.  (I use cake cones so they can stand up by themselves!)

Mix up a batch (or double batch depending on how many you need) of Rice Krispie Treats. (Just follow the link--Becky posted the recipe earlier.)  Sometimes I add some yellow food coloring to the melted marshmallow mix to tint the pretend "flames." 

Pack the ice cream cones with the freshly made Rice Krispie Treat mixture.  You may want to butter your hands to gently shape them into "flames"--it can be a sticky mixture but just keep working with it.

I usually stand them up in a pan and lightly cover them with plastic wrap until they're needed.

If you want to make a lot of them you could use mini ice cream cones for a small snack!


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