Banana {Bread} Cake

This isn't necessarily a new recipe--just an idea.  Quick breads are so versatile--they're great cooked in loaf pans or as muffins.  But--add frosting or a glaze and you have a cake/cupcakes! 

I had a bunch of browning bananas and instead of cooking the bread in a traditional loaf pan I put the banana bread batter into a Bundt pan. 

One pan will hold about 2 loaves worth of batter.  It takes about 45-50 minutes to bake.  I used the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe this time.  Another great one is the Banana Bread recipe I usually use. 

When the cake was cool I frosted it with some leftover chocolate frosting I had stored in the fridge from making my daughter's birthday cake. 
It would also be really yummy with some cream cheese frosting


  1. I have bananas I need to use today! I think I will try cooking it this way. Do you remember how we would spread cream cheese on our banana bread when we were growing up. I still love cream cheese on my bread- but every time I suggest it to the kids they gag and roll on the ground!

  2. Silly kids--they don't know what they're missing! :) Yes, I still love cream cheese on banana bread, pumpkin bread, whatever! {I think I only have 1 child who'll eat cream cheese on it--ah, well, more for me!}


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