Superman Cake

My youngest recently had a birthday.  He loves superheroes so I decided to make him a Superman cake. 
I enjoy making fun cakes for my children's birthdays.  We keep birthday celebrations fairly low-key {I guess they are similar to how we celebrated birthdays growing up}.  The birthday child gets to choose what we're having for dinner.  We have a family dinner in the evening and open a few presents together.  Later, we sing "Happy Birthday" (once regular speed, once fast) and blow out candles before sharing cake and ice cream.  So, making a fun cake becomes part of my gift to my children.  It adds a bit of sparkle to the day. 

If I'm doing a decorated cake I always plan it ahead of time.  I bake the cake and freeze it.  Then, on the afternoon of the birthday I take cake out of the freezer and decorate it.  I frost the frozen cake and by the evening it is all defrosted.  {I find it much, much easier to decorate a frozen cake then a fresh one.}

There are so many fabulous cakes online--it's a great place to go to for endless creative ideas.  Here are a couple of links to the inspiration cakes I found online:
Superhero Birthday Cake on With Sprinkles on Top 
and the Superman Cakes on

Of course there are so very many amazing superhero cakes online, but I was looking for something specific that was do-able with my skill level. I found an idea for a blue layer cake with a skyline and clouds and tweaked it to fit what would work for me.

The cake has two 6" chocolate cake layers on the top tier and three 8" cake layers on the bottom tier.  They are trimmed flat.  The entire cake is frosted and filled with a Crisco (vegetable shortening) based frosting.  The building skyline is made with rolled fondant colored a dark grey (using black Wilton gel paste food color).  The clouds are the natural color of the fondant.  {I'll post the recipes for the frosting and fondant soon!} The wording and number 3 were piped on with a small round tip (I reserved a cup of the white frosting before tinting the rest of it blue).

It was a fun cake for a cute birthday boy!


  1. What a lovely cake. I hope the birthday boy enjoyed it and felt like a super hero!


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