Bean Dip with Olive Spiders

This would be fun to serve at a Halloween party.

This is the bean dip recipe that was posted here. After layering all of the ingredients, I used olives to make spiders on top of the dip. I basically followed the directions here for spiders on deviled eggs. To make the spiders, you cut an olive in half. One half becomes the spider's body. You slice up the other half to make the legs. I found that it's hard to get eight good slices out of one olive half, so I didn't worry too much about getting one spider per olive. I just chopped them so that they were a usable size. It's probably easier to make the legs sit right on a deviled egg since you can just poke the legs into the filling.

You could also put sour cream in a plastic bag and then cut a corner off and pipe a spider web onto the bean dip.


  1. These were fun! I made a bean dip with spiders for our Halloween dinner. :) I made each spider out of 1 1/2 olives--one half for the body and half for each set of 4 legs. I sliced the half olive into 4 legs--but left it partially connected on one end. (Does that make sense?) Thanks for sharing the idea!


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