Homemade Popsicles

A memory I have from growing up is making homemade popsicles.  Our family had a couple of different popsicle molds that we used to make them.  They were sturdy plastic, reusable, and worked well.  I think we mostly filled them with Kool-aid and froze them. 

I've bought one or two popsicle molds from stores over the years and they've always been quite the disappointment--they're flimsy and they leak and they're just all-around too cheap for words.  I finally just threw them away so they wouldn't clutter up my kitchen.

Then, I discovered that there are actually well-made popsicle molds out there.  {Yes, I know you can make popsicles in small paper cups and use craft sticks--that's a good way to go but I want something that I can use over and over.}

I finally settled on Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds, set of 6 and ordered a couple of sets from Amazon.com.  They cost a bit more than the cheap-y plastic things you can get at the grocery store, but they are so much nicer.  There are a lot of different shapes and sizes available from that maker.  These ones are large and hold a bit less than 1/2 cup of liquid (the reviews caution that the size might be too big for a small child to eat in one sitting, but my kids don't usually have that problem). 
These specific ice pop molds take up a bit of space in the freezer, but once they're frozen you can take them out of the holder and store them individually.  Anyway...enough of that product recommendation.  :)  There are several different options available in the stores--you may want to look at a specialty kitchen store for a better-made version.

So...we've made a few different kinds of frozen treats with these in the last few years since we've had them. Recently we tried it with some day-old root beer.  Supposedly it works well to use flat soda to make frozen treats.  This still had some carbonation so the finished popsicles had frozen bubbles in them.  :)
this one looks huge--it really isn't too large in real life!
We've also made popsicles with juice, Kool-aid, and leftover smoothies.  I really like to do this with my son's fruit and soy milk smoothies--this gives him a non-dairy frozen treat to eat when the rest of us eat ice cream.  It's great to be able to make some inexpensive all-fruit pops or be able to control the ingredients in your frozen treats. 

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