Cream Cheese Candies

Cream Cheese Candies

1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese [3 ounces]
½ to 1 tsp. flavor [1/2 tsp.]
6-8 cups powdered sugar [2½ cups]

Mix cream cheese until soft and add remaining ingredients. Mix and knead. Roll to the size of a marble. Dip one side in a small amount of sugar. Place sugar side down into mold. Unmold at once onto wax paper. You can also roll out the dough into long snakes and cut them into butter mint shapes with a blunt knife. Dry them overnight on the counter before placing them in the fridge for storage. Colors and Flavors: green or pink—mint, yellow—lemon, etc. Also good plain. [Small batch amounts.]

Becky's Note: One of my favorite memories of Easter time as a child was making chocolates together as a family.  We would fill big trays with dipped chocolate and keep the trays in the basement (to avoid some of the AZ heat!).  When I started to make chocolates with my own family, I inadvertently used the wrong recipe for my cream centers.  Instead of the Uncooked Fondant Recipe I used the Cream Cheese Candies.  Someday I will try the Uncooked Fondant Recipe, but for now, these centers are so very good, I think I will stick with this mistake!

I used to make very traditional centers (mint, lemon, orange, almond), but when I passed this recipe to a friend she brought me a plate and I was amazed at her creativity!  This year I tried a few new flavors and they were a huge success!  Coconut (with shredded coconut mixed in) and chocolate were my favorite new flavors.

By the way, this recipe makes A TON.  I can usually get about 80 chocolates from one recipe!  This fondant will dry quickly and so I keep it covered until I am ready to dip.  Once dipped, the centers stay soft for a long, long time.  I usually freeze our extra chocolates.


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