tips for measuring sticky things

Measuring things like shortening and peanut butter can be a big pain. It's hard enough to get it out of the measuring cup and off the spoon in the first place, and then you get the added joy of using a cup of soap to clean it off. If you have this trouble too, then here is a trick that you will love! (And it doesn't involve buying one of those Pampered Chef products, which you still have to wash in the end.)

Before spooning the shortening or peanut butter into the measuring cup, line the cup with a piece of saran wrap.

Then pull out the peanut butter or shortening using the saran wrap, and dump it into whatever you are cooking. Throw away the saran wrap.

Enjoy the sight of a clean measuring cup. (I had used this one to measure some oats, so it still had some residue left from that.)


  1. I actually do something different. I spray my measuring cup with cooking spray and the molasses, peanut butter, shortening or sour cream slides right out. Easy peasy.

  2. Marcelaine, thank you for changing my life with this post. :) It's a great tip!


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