Pickled Beets

Pickled Beets

1 quart water
1 quart vinegar
1 quart brown sugar

Cook syrup until brown sugar is dissolved. Put cooked, cutup beets in and heat. Put beets and syrup in sterilized jars. Seal. You can also put the beets and syrup in a container and let sit in the refrigerator for a few days before eating. In this case, you will probably reduce the amounts to equal parts water, vinegar, and brown sugar, such as 1 cup each. Use recent guidelines from your university extension to avoid safety hazards when canning.

Becky's Note: I love beets- aren't they the prettiest color?!  My Mom would cook them for us quite frequently (fresh from the garden).  Pickled Beets were a treat- a real delicacy.


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