Happy Birthday Grandma!

I learned many things from my Grandma Beverly Wessman. 

Grandma's daffodils- I am so happy I transplanted some to my yard!
Even though it has been years since I was able to stop by her house, I still remember the warm feeling of love that you felt when you walked in the door.  Often, she would invite you to sit down for some lunch.  We all enjoyed her cooking!  On her Birthday I always think about one of our favorite cookies to find at Grandma's house:

 Raspberry Meringue Kisses

I didn't have time to make any today, but they are definitely on the schedule for tomorrow!  Happy Birthday Grandma!  I love you and miss you! Love, Becky


  1. What a nice post! I just noticed yesterday that my African violet is about to bloom again for the first time since I got it, which reminded me of Grandma. Thanks for the pretty picture of the daffodils.


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