Freezing Lemon Juice

Here's a great tip from cousin Emily so you can always have fresh lemon juice on hand!

Emily received a box of fresh Arizona lemons and shared this--
I juiced some of the lemons and froze the juice in my ice cube trays.  Each ice cube in the trays holds 2 tbs, so I always know how many cubes I need to make 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup etc...  I also freeze buttermilk and evaporated milk this way.
Growing up in Arizona, we had a lemon tree in our backyard and did the same thing!  But, I never knew that each cube held 2 Tablespoons or that you could freeze buttermilk or evaporated milk, also.  What a useful idea!


  1. I always have a bag of go-to lemon cubes and lime cubes!!

  2. Ever since Robin said something about this recently, I've had frozen lemon juice in the freezer, from the nice large bags of Costco lemons. It's a very handy tip, and I wondered why I'd never thought of it before.


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