Banana Liquados

During my growing up years my father would only occasionally venture into the kitchen to make something.  :)  One memory I have is of him making Banana Liquados.  Basically, a banana liquado is made from blending milk, banana, and some sugar together.  It's not an icy or thick drink.

For some reason I thought that "liquado" was a made-up name--it was only years later that I realized that it is an actual name from Latin America for this drink.  Before I was born my dad served a mission in Argentina and my parents lived in Panama for a year or so.

Here is the recipe for liquados from Eliza (who has also lived in and visited Latin America):

Milkshakes (liquados)
Mix in a blender milk and fruit (bananas, peaches, berries, etc.). Add sugar or syrup to sweeten as necessary. For a richer shake, add ice cream or cream. Bananas give a smoother texture to an ice cream shake; without the banana, the milkshake tends to be icy. In Latin America, people will make “milkshakes” with almost any kind of fruit, including melon and avocado.


  1. We made these in Brazil too! We would add a little bit of oatmeal. Memories! I think I need to go make this right now.


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