Caterpillar Kabobs

I recently needed to make a "picnic treat" for my son's cub scout meeting. I thought fruit would be a good thing to send, so I went online and found a really fun idea for Caterpillar Kabobs. These kabobs are cute and easy, and the children loved them.

2 lbs. grapes, green or red
1/4 c. white chocolate chips or dipping chocolate
Mini chocolate chips
18 twelve-inch skewers

Remove the grapes from their stems, and wash and dry the grapes. The grape used as the caterpillar's head has to be completely dry or the chocolate won't stick to it. Stick six or seven grapes on each skewer, ending with a big grape for the head.

Put the white chocolate into a freezer-weight zip-type baggie. 

Microwave for 30 seconds at 50% power. Take the bag out and knead the chocolate a bit. Repeat until the chips are melted, usually about 90 seconds.

When the white chocolate is ready, squeeze it all into one corner of the bag and then snip off the corner to make a very small opening.

Set out a handful of the mini chocolate chips in a bowl or on a plate. Lay out 6 of the caterpillars at a time in a row. Using the baggie of white chocolate like a frosting decorator's bag, add some eyes to the ends of 6 of the caterpillars. Then quickly press the mini chocolate chips into the white chocolate to make eyes. (If you do more than 5 or 6 at a time, the white chocolate solidifies before you can get the mini chips on. If your grapes are really cold, do fewer at a time. You could also use white frosting, but it won't work as well.)

Repeat the process, making 6 caterpillars at a time until you are done. That's it! Easy and cute!


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