Butterfly Decorations {for Cupcakes or Cake}

Here is a relatively easy way to decorate a butterfly cake for a little girl:
Obviously, these butterflies are created using candies--they work great for cupcakes or on a larger cake.
Butterfly Decorations
multi-colored fruit smiles (jellied candies)
sour gummy worms (or regular gummy worms)
small round candies (M&M Minis, Skittles, regular M&Ms)
Pull-apart Twizzlers or other thin licorice candies
Frost your cake or cupcakes (any color you want--but sky blue is nice).  Prepare all your different candies--cut the gummy worms down to size and prepare the candy antennae   Cut a fruit smile in half (so you have two thinner smiles) and place them in position on the cake.  Add a gummy worm between the two wings.  Add the head and the antennae.

Tiffany's Note: I've done these easy butterflies for two daughters for their birthdays.  These butterfly cupcakes were for the birthday girl's school class to share--the cake was for a family birthday party.  :)  They work great for a butterfly themed birthday party for a little girl!

The cake itself was from a boxed mix.  It was filled with a chocolate buttercream and frosted with a blue tinted White Frosting.


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