Happy 12-12-12

Happy 12-12-12!  We hope that you are all having a lovely December day.  It finally did cool down enough here (in Texas) to make soup.  We had Tamale Soup on Monday.

So...with the fun date today are any of you doing some celebratory baking and cooking up a dozen of something?  Buying or making a dozen doughnuts?  Making a few dozen cookies?  I'm actually making a few dozen rolls for a church activity tonight.  :)  I'm using this recipe for Lion House Dinner Rolls.
If you don't have time for rolls how about a dozen buttermilk biscuits?
Something sweet?  Some soft and chewy Gingersnaps?
Or a my favorite brownie--especially at Christmas time: Chocolate Mint Brownies.
Happy 12-12-12 day.  Let's see...what else could you do to celebrate?  Maybe you can play Double 12 Dominoes?  Give someone 12 hugs?  Sing 12 Christmas songs?  I know!  Listen to or sing The Twelve Days of Christmas!  :)


  1. How about spend 12 hours studying for a final? That's my plan . . .


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