Raspberry Meringue Kisses

Today I thought I would honor Grandma, on what would have been her 91st birthday, by posting one of her most beloved cookie recipes.
One of the ways I feel Grandma Beverly showed her love for her family and friends was to cook for them. Every grandchild knew exactly where her cookie jar was located, and usually headed right for it.  It was made out of clear glass and was always full.  The greatest sight to behold was when you saw the color pink through the clear glass.  That meant Raspberry Meringue Kisses!  The crunchy outside and gooey inside were heaven on earth.
A few months ago, I was going through a box of odds and ends and I came across a black recipe box.  I did not recognize it until I started looking at the contents.  To my surprise, I found Grandma's original recipe for Raspberry Meringue Kisses. 

A friend named Una Bauman gave her the recipe with a small note written on the side, "Thought you might like these"  Little did Una know this recipe would become a favorite of Beverly's entire family.
Thank you Una, for thinking my Grandma might like these cookies.  And Thank you Grandma for making hundreds of thousands of these cookies.  Each one was baked with love.


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