Dutch Oven Rolls with Freezer Variation

I didn't know you could bake dinner rolls while you were camping, but now I do. They turn out fabulous.
Dutch Oven Rolls

Make one recipe of your favorite dinner rolls. (I used the Lion House rolls already posted on this blog.) Follow the recipe until you are to the part of shaping the rolls.

Line the Dutch oven with parchment paper (so it goes up the sides to the top) and place the rolls inside, leaving some room for rising. To keep it simple, I made balls of dough rolled in melted butter. You will probably only use 1/3 to 1/2 of the dough. Shape the rest of the dough and bake as you usually do.

Cover the Dutch oven and let the rolls rise until doubled. When you are ready to bake them, set the covered oven on the coals and put the desired number of coals on top. See the Dutch oven basics for more instructions. You want a temperature close to 350°. If in doubt, go a little bit cooler and remove some coals from underneath so the rolls don't burn. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until done. Turn the oven 1/3 turn (and the top the opposite direction 1/3 turn) every 5 minutes or so.  You can tell when they are done because they will smell good and when you look at them, they will be nicely browned.

Freezer Variation
We wanted rolls to go with our turkey and vegetable dinner when we went camping recently. However, the challenge was that the campsite was 4-5 hours away, and I certainly wouldn't have time to make rolls and pack the car before we left. Besides, the dough probably wouldn't work well with such a long drive time. So, I modified the recipe and froze the dough. The frozen dough defrosted, rose, and was ready to cook when we started dinner that night. Here are the instructions for that.

Make one recipe of your favorite dinner rolls. Again, I used the Lion House rolls already posted on this blog. However, I doubled the yeast in the recipe. (Freezing can damage yeast that is growing, so it helps to double it.) Since I didn't have space in my freezer for the Dutch oven and I wasn't sure how the Dutch oven would do in the freezer anyway, I used a cake pan that was the same size as the Dutch oven. I lined the cake pan with parchment paper, letting the parchment paper overlap by several inches. Then I formed the rolls in balls and rolled them in butter. I placed them in the cake pan and let them rise about halfway. Then I put the pan in the freezer.

The next morning, when I was packing the car, I lifted the frozen rolls out of cake pan with their parchment paper and placed the paper and rolls in the Dutch oven. I covered the rolls with plastic wrap, and packed the Dutch oven with the rolls in the car. The rolls slowly defrosted and rose while we traveled and set up camp. Some instructions for frozen rolls say you can leave the frozen rolls out for 10-12 hours before baking them. These rolls were out of the freezer for 8+ hours before I baked them.  I followed the baking instructions above.


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