Quick Punch

This is a super-easy way to make punch for a party or special dinner--combine some concentrated fruit punch with soda pop.
Quick Punch
1 can fruit punch or fruit juice concentrate (like Minute Maid)
2 or 4 liters Sprite or Ginger Ale

Place the juice concentrate in the refrigerator to thaw (if desired—it makes it easier to mix). Pour the juice
concentrate and the soda pop in a punch bowl and serve.

Tiffany's Note: A friend frequently makes this for parties or church activities.  It is a much requested recipe and everyone is happy to find out how surprisingly simple it is.  You can take the basic idea to make sparkling lemonade or sparkling juice, etc.

When I made this recently I used a Wild Berry Punch concentrate (about 6 ounces or half the can) and combined it with 2 liters of lemon lime soda to make this light pink drink.  {Sadly we also had a red tablecloth so you can't see the punch very well!}  It might be a lovely drink for Valentine's Day!


  1. Nice! And is that a claret/iced tea goblet? We've found those to be durable and easy for children to use, and just different enough that it makes the dinner feel "dressed-up."

    1. Thanks for the note! Yes, they are sold as iced tea goblets. {Not that we drink iced tea...but that's okay!} We had some inexpensive, but nice looking, goblets that we used growing up. Using goblets at dinner always makes even ice water seem fancy--especially for children. So, I've always been on the hunt for good goblets. It took me a few years before I came across these--with several children I needed something that had a simple design, worked well, and wasn't too expensive or hard to replace if they got broken. You're right--they work great!


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