Whole Wheat Bread

Whole Wheat Bread

6 cups warm water [2 cups]
3 Tb. instant yeast [1 Tb.]
2 Tb. dough enhancer, optional [2 tsp.]
2 Tb. salt [2 tsp.]
3-4 Tb. wheat gluten (optional, amount depends on
your wheat) [1 Tb.]
2/3 cup oil [1/4 cup]
2/3 cup honey [1/4 cup]
14+ cups freshly ground white-wheat flour [5 cups]

Use white wheat flour, not white flour, but whole wheat flour ground from white wheat. Sprinkle yeast in warm water and let proof for about five minutes. Mix in the rest of the ingredients and knead well. Make a loaf by drawing the dough into the center four ways. Place in pan with folded side to bottom. Let rise about 20 minutes in the greased pans. Bake bread for about 30-35 minutes at 350°. Makes about five large loaves. Bread is done when it makes a hollow sound when you tap the crust. For a softer crust, brush the tops of the loaves with oil or butter and cover with a kitchen towel to cool.

Variations: Replace one cup of the wheat flour with one cup of oats, rye flour, or other grains. Brush the tops of the risen loaves with an egg wash and sprinkle with oats, seeds, or other decorations. The amounts in brackets make two loaves.

Becky's Note: I usually don't make 100% whole wheat bread.  It tends to be a very heavy bread.  However, I have found that it makes great toast and any kind of grilled sandwich.  I wish there was a magic trick to perfect bread, but more than anything I bake, I have learned that practice is the best trick!


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