Lemon Bars (3 egg)

I love bar cookies--one pan, no shaping or rolling, simple goodness.  Love them.  Here's a re-post of one of our family favorites: Lemon Bars.

We posted the recipe for Lemon Bars a few months ago.  Becky made the 2 egg version.  I recently made the 3 egg version.  They turn out a bit differently so decided to re-post with the additional pictures. I won't repeat the recipe--simply click on the link to find it!  :)
If you aren't lucky enough to have a lemon tree in your backyard (like we did growing up in Arizona) then lemons from the grocery store work just as well.  :)  Or...if you just happen to have a bottle of lemon or lime juice on hand that will work, too.  (You can leave out the lemon zest.)  Of course freshly squeezed juice tastes the best, but if bottled juice is what you have it will get the job done.


  1. My fresh juice trick - I depend on fresh lime and lemon juice way too much. I buy the Costco bag of both and juice them. I then freeze the juice in ice cube trays and store the completed cubes in a zip lock bag. Love it. Insta FRESH lime or lemon!!

  2. Luckily enough I do have a lemon tree in the backyard, but the lemons are really small. We get more zest out of them than juice ;)

    I love your site, btw. If you have a moment could you shoot me an email (it's on my blogger page)? I'd love to talk to you some more about your site.


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