1 cup lemon juice
½ Tb. grated lemon peel, optional
1 cup sugar
6½ cups water, or ice and water to make ½ gallon
1 can (12 oz.) soda pop (lemon-lime or strawberry), optional

Mix together and chill. Adjust the amount of lemon or lime juice according to the strength of the flavor. If it’s too strong, add more water. Lemon or limeade tastes better after it chills for a couple hours. You can also use carbonated water instead of plain water for an authentic Latin American drink.

Becky's Note: Why feature a classic summer drink in the winter?  I always associate lemonade/ lemon bars/ lemon ice cream with Christmas and winter.  In Arizona, the lemons are just getting ripe on the tree in December and so we would use our citrus recipes in the winter!  One of my favorite ways to drink lemonade is hot!  It is a soothing drink for a sore throat or cough.


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