Grapefruit Punch

Here's a suggestion for your New Year's Eve celebration tonight {or maybe for a time next year since this takes a bit of prep time}!  It would be perfect to have at a brunch!

Grapefruit Punch
6 cups grapefruit (sections and juice)
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
2 liter bottle 7-up
Maraschino cherries, halved, optional

You will need 8 small grapefruit, 6 regular grapefruit, or 5 Arizona-size grapefruit to get about 6 cups of grapefruit sections and juice. Stir together your sugar and water until the sugar is dissolved. Use more sugar if your grapefruit is sour. Cut and section each grapefruit into a large bowl and then squeeze the juice from the empty grapefruit halves into the bowl as well. Try not to get seeds in the bowl. Stir the sugar-water into the grapefruit sections and juice. Freeze in a freezer-safe bowl, or pour mixture into a plastic bag and close tightly. Let thaw 45 minutes to an hour before needed. You can mash it up right in the bag. Mash it up enough to get out all the large lumps and break up the grapefruit sections. Add 7-up and serve. Garnish with cherry, if desired.

Tiffany's Note: Most of us grew up in Arizona with citrus trees growing in our backyard.  Citrus ripens in the winter so we always associate our winter holidays with freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh grapefruit, lemonade, lemon ice cream, lemon bars, and other lemon goodies.

With two grapefruit trees we'd have a lot of grapefruit goodness around!  This is one punch that we'd make for our family New Year's Eve party. I don't live in Arizona or in a place where I can grow citrus, but I can get big bags of Texas grapefruit on sale during the winter.  (It's not as good as what I had growing up--but it is usually pretty good!)  This is a refreshing drink for a celebration or family get-together.

I remember having it with the grapefruit sections fairly intact--I think it is better when you mash up the sections like the recipe suggests.


  1. Man, I must have been the most un-observant arizona kid! I love grapefruits and they totally remind me of home but I never knew they were ripe in the winter. I feel like a dork!


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