Olympic Party Foods

Every two years we have a family party to celebrate a new Olympics.  Tonight we'll celebrate the opening of the 2014 Winter Olympics by having a few fun treats.  Our menu is fairly basic--you really could go all out with tailgating style party foods--but we're planning to have festive pizza and Krispie Torch Treats.
For dinner we'll make homemade pizza and decorate it with the meat (pepperoni, Canadian Bacon) cut into interlocking ring shapes.  Here are some great resources for making homemade pizza:
Mini Pizzas
Pizza Sauce
Individual Frozen Pizzas
Bread Machine Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough

For another idea...
Several years ago I made some bread dough into interlocking rings.  :)  This looks like one or two loaves worth of dough.
Bread doesn't always have to be loaf shaped and cookies don't always have to be traditional shapes--just make dough and experiment with whatever shape you can imagine!

For a fun treat see our post from Summer 2012 here for how to make these Krispie Torch Treats.
We've made these every Olympics since about 2006. :)

Happy Olympic Games to you!


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