Easter Treats

Here are some Easter treats you might want to try!

The first listing is our most-viewed blog post this week: Hard boiled eggs. Easter eggs! Dying eggs is one of the fun Easter traditions of our family. Even my 17-year old son will take the time to dunk a few eggs in dye. Or you could make some beautiful ones like Tiffany...

Hard Boiled Eggs... Fun, easy, and delicious. See the egg salad sandwiches below.

Egg Salad Sandwich... What to do with all those eggs you dyed.

Raspberry Meringue Kisses... So easy, and eggs are on sale this week, right?

Cream Cheese Chocolates... Rebecca's yummy alternative to traditional fondant centers. And you need to have Easter candy. Lots of Easter candy.

English Toffee... See? You really do need lots of Easter candy.

Pecan Logs... Do you have a little extra time to make a special treat? Store bought stuff just not cutting it? These are a delicious, special treat from Grandma Beverly.

Chocolate Mousse... Our top blog post ever, and you can see (and taste) just why the post is so popular with Tiffany's beautiful cake frosted with Chocolate Mousse.

Sugar Cookie Icing... This recipe makes it very easy to quickly frost lots of sugar cookies for Easter. Just dip them into the frosting! For the cookies, use one of these recipes: Sugar Cookies, Sugar Cookies with Sour Cream, or Sugar Cookies with Lemon Zest.


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