Powdered Milk

Having powdered milk on hand gives a baker a lot of flexibility when baking.  You can easily substitute it into recipes that call for milk.  Many roll or sweet bread recipes use powdered milk to make a rich dough.  You can also mix it up and drink it!  :)
Powdered Milk
1/3 cup powdered instant milk
1 cup water
3 Tb. powdered non-instant milk (cannery)
1 cup water

Powdered milk tastes the best if you mix the milk the day before and let it sit in the fridge overnight. If you add a couple of drops of vanilla, or turn it into chocolate milk, the family might drink it.  You can also mix it up and combine it half-and-half with regular milk.

Most quick bread, cake, and cereal recipes work just fine with powdered milk. White sauce recipes also work well with powdered milk; mix the milk and water before adding to the butter and flour. With instant milk, it usually helps to mix the milk and water together before adding it to the recipe.

With non-instant milk, the milk should be stirred into the flour; then add water (instead of liquid milk). If you don’t mix the milk with the flour, you will usually end up with lumps unless you pre-mix the milk with water.

Tiffany's Notes: Many of my favorite yeast breads have powdered milk as an ingredient--including Lion House Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls.  It is also very easy to use powdered milk in quick bread recipes like pancakes.  I've noticed that the usual Powdered Milk that you buy from a grocery store is labeled "Instant Non-Fat Dry Milk."  It has a different look and consistency than the kind you get from the church's Family Cannery.  They both work fine.  


  1. My favorite brand of powdered milk is Maple Island Milk aka Abby's Best. It tastes better than cannery powdered milk and it dissolves in the water easily. For cannery powdered milk, it seems to dissolve a little quicker if you mix it with hot water from the tap (not boiling). I also discovered recently that if you mix it in a blender, that takes care of the lumps--although it's also incredibly frothy afterwards.


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