Pancakes~silly faces

Earlier today my sister posted the pancake recipe.  Here are a few more notes on making pancakes fun for kids.  

Pancakes are a Saturday morning staple at our home.  Occasionally we like to mix it up and make fun shapes.  There are my favorite mini-pancakes...
Then, there's the ever-favorite pancake faces...
We also like to do initials from first names. {Oooo...that is a little tricky to make a pancake letter backwards so that when you flip it you can read the letter.  Lucky people with symetrical initials!}  Snowmen and earthworms are also favorite shapes. 
From the cookbook...
Fun for Children: Pour pancakes in griddle in shape of snowmen, butterflies, hearts, etc. You can even use metal cookie cutters (well greased on the inside) for different fun shapes.

Shake some decorative colored sprinkles on the pancakes after pouring in griddle. To make a smiley face, use a teaspoon to make eyes and a mouth with a little batter.  Allow the batter to cook a bit, then pour pancake batter on top.

Of course--if we are in a rush--I can always make egg shaped or pumpkin shaped or snowball shaped pancakes!  ;)

Maybe over time we can add photos to this post when we make other fun shapes or initials?


  1. My father, John Wessman, would cook pancakes in shapes for us occasionally. My favorite after the face ones are the butterflies!


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