Mini Mixed Berry Pies

I started to make an apple pie and then didn't like the look of the apple pie filling I had on hand so I changed my mind and ended up making mini berry pies.  Why not?  :) 

They were cute and surprisingly easy to make.  I would love to try them with different fillings--pumpkin, apple, or a cream filling.  They would be perfect for a dessert buffet for Thanksgiving. 

Mini Mixed Berry Pies
1 batch of Never Fail Pie Crust
4 cups frozen blueberry, blackberry, and raspberries
3 Tbs. corn starch
3/4 cups sugar
1 Tbs. lemon juice

Mix up and roll out the pie dough. {Or if you buy prepared pie dough you can certainly use some ready made dough!}  Cut out 4" circles of pie dough--I found a plastic storage container with a 4" diameter that worked great.  Gently place the dough circles into the individual muffin tins. 

Pour the berries into a bowl (I used part of a large bag of frozen mixed berries).  Toss the frozen berries gently with the sugar, corn starch, and lemon juice.  Spoon the berry filling into the individual crusts.  If there is leftover sugar/corn starch mixture that's fine--just sprinkle it on top.  If you want you can add a small cut out shape made with the leftover pie dough. 
I sprinkled a bit of cinnamon sugar on top!
Bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for about 22-24 minutes.  (I baked mine for 25 minutes and I think it was a tiny bit too long.)  Remove from the oven and allow to cool for a few minutes.  Gently remove them from the tins and cool completely on a wire rack.  Store in a covered container. 

Serve warm or room temperature with a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Tiffany's Notes:  These were fun to make!  I thought they might be tedious but they really weren't bad to put together.  I own a set of small pie pans but I've never actually made pies in them.  It seems like they would use a huge amount of pie crust for not too many pies.  They also seem a little too large for one person to eat.  The small size that Becky makes is perfect.  Also--if you're interested in mini pocket pies you'll want to check out Mindy's earlier post about mini cherry pies

I've seen mini pies like these muffin tin ones baked in small canning jars--that would also be a great option.  The muffin tins work wonderfully, though.  My one batch of Never Fail Pie Crust made enough pie shells for 22 mini pies (I probably could have squeaked out 24 if I wanted too). 

I needed to make 2 pies for my son who is allergic to eggs (the Never Fail Pie Crust recipe has an egg in it).  So, I made a fourth of the Crisco Single Crust recipe and had enough to make 2 or 3 mini pie crusts for him.  His pie crust was crumbly--I don't know if it was because of how I made the crust or if that recipe would always be crumbly?

These are a fun option instead of a traditional pie.


  1. These look beautiful. I've also done mini cheesecake, pumpkin and quiches. I just made mini tarts tonight. I prefer the look of the mini berry though!

  2. Those are beautiful. It's so funny, I was just talking to a lady who has her Grandchildren all make mini pumpkin pies while the dishes are being done after dinner. (She uses store bought pie dough.) It keeps the children occupied for a bit, and they all get their own pie!

  3. I just baked these as christmas gifts for coworkers. Very good.. I would put a little less lemon, they are a little tart but still delish!! thank you for the recipe.


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