Peach Pie

1 baked pie shell
3 large peaches to slice, peeled
2 soft peaches, peeled, then mashed
1 c. sugar
2 TB. cornstarch
1 tsp. almond extract (optional)
1 TB. butter (optional)

Slice 3 peaches into pie shell. Mash soft peaches, add sugar, cornstarch and water, stir until there are no lumps of cornstarch. Bring to a boil and boil one minute, stirring occasionally to prevent burning. Stir in extract and butter. Pour over peaches in pie shell. Refrigerate until served. 

Mom's note: I did not care for the almond flavoring as it seemed to overwhelm the peach flavor. I'm not sure what the butter added either, so I would leave that out too. I peeled and sliced the peaches into the pie shell while the peach/cornstarch/sugar mixture was heating up to prevent the shell from becoming soggy. A trick learned in a food class long ago is to dust the bottom of the baked shell with powdered sugar which will help prevent the juices from soaking into the crust (strawberry or peach pies).

This is a variation on Beverly's peach pie recipe.


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