{Heart} Cinnamon Rolls

I am thankful for others who see something normal--a spiral shaped cinnamon roll--and with a small change turn it into a fun heart shaped treat for Valentine's Day.  Thanks to inspiration found online--this is the breakfast Valentine I'm giving my family this year:
The change is easy--when you roll out a big rectangle of dough just roll in the two sides towards the middle.
Cut them as normal and place on your baking sheet.
Bake and frost with your favorite glaze or cream cheese frosting.  I tried a pink colored glaze with mixed results (it reminded me of when I tried orange!).  White frosting with colorful red and pink sprinkles would look nice.
Another site had the hearts placed in a round baking pan--with the points to the middle and the top of the hearts facing out.  They were served all together--it was a nice presentation.

I used our Cinnamon Roll recipe (with potato water).  That recipe has photos and a full tutorial for making cinnamon rolls.  Another great Cinnamon Roll recipe is the one Eliza posted earlier.


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