Holiday Layer Sugar Cookies

Prepare one recipe of Sugar Cookies. Divide the dough into as many colors as you will need.  Mix gel food coloring into each section of dough.  Line a square bread pan with plastic wrap.  Layer each color of dough in the pan.
Refrigerate for several hours until firm.  Remove the brick of dough from the bread pan and slice in thin slices.
Cut each slice into desired shapes.  Using this method you could quite easily make pretty fancy sugar cookies.

Becky's Note: I first made these simple sugar cookies for Halloween when I saw these candy corn cookies.  They were so very easy to make (almost easier than normal sugar cookies!) and I started thinking of other holidays that I could use the same idea.  There are no edges left when you make candy corn cookies- you just cut triangles.  When I used the heart cookie cutter I had little scraps left over.  I rolled the scraps together and cut hearts and came out with some really pretty patchwork cookies (see top image).  I used this sugar cookie recipe and it is great!


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