Green Beans

This is my favorite way to cook green beans. I use the big bags of frozen green beans at Costco (about $1.29/lb). (No, not the whole bag at once!) They're nice for a simple side dish.

I feel a little odd calling this a recipe--maybe a technique?

Green Beans

1. Heat olive oil in a frying pan at medium heat (I use 4 on my stove).
2. Carefully add beans to the frying pan.
3. Cover with a lid. This is essential. The lid traps the heat and moisture so that the beans cook more evenly. It seems like without the lid you get some beans that are burning while some are still frozen.
4. Stir beans occasionally until they are soft (taste one occasionally to see if they are soft yet).
5. As soon as they are cooked the way you like them, slide them out onto a serving dish. Don't let them sit in the hot pan because it doesn't take long for them to get mushy or burned.
6. Sprinkle with garlic salt. My favorite is Lawry's garlic salt. I got some for free once back in my couponing days, and it was one of the few brands that actually succeeded in converting me through coupons. Sometimes I also like to add parmesan cheese.

You can also make green beans similar to my asparagus recipe in the oven.


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