Lemon Ice Cream

Bring a little bit of sunshine to your meal with this lovely Lemon Ice Cream for dessert. This recipe has a delicious, light, lemony flavor. Choose the freshest lemons, since the flavor of the ice cream depends on the lemons you use!

Lemon Ice Cream

¾ cup lemon juice [¾ cup]
4 cups sugar [4 cups]
2 cups cream (1 pt.) [4 cups]
Milk to fill [4-6 cups]
½ tsp. lemon extract [½ Tb. lemon zest]
Mix all ingredients together and freeze in an ice cream maker. If you are using an ice and salt freezer, you probably need to get it extra-cold with more salt. This makes 4 quarts. The amounts in brackets make 6 quarts.


  1. We love this ice cream! Thanks for posting it!


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