Pioneer Recipe: Noodles

In honor of Pioneer Day {July 24} this month here is another helpful recipe.  This one certainly isn't a very unusual recipe.  Many people make their own noodles from scratch.  

1 egg
1 egg-shell water
½ tsp. salt
1 cup flour
Beat egg, water, salt and add flour until dough is very stiff. Roll very thin with plenty of flour on board. Flour thoroughly, fold and roll out again and repeat adding plenty of flour each time, then flour again and roll lightly like a jelly roll and slice very thin. Shake out into strings of dough and cook in soup or stew.


  1. A few months ago, I wanted to try making my own pasta. I don't have a fancy pasta press, but I used a recipe similar to this one and just rolled and cut. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the noodles were to make and cook. I used mine in chicken noodle soup and loved that they turned out a little thicker than normal and the flour on the noodles thickened the soup (rather like dumplings)! I don't know if I will make pasta consistently, but it is fun to try.

  2. My mother always made her own noodles and I still just love them. I don't think I've ever bought them. As almost in everything, they taste so much better homemade.


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